Self-Improvement vs True Arrival

Kapil Gupta

with Kapil Gupta

Personal Advisor to Pro Athletes, CEO's, Celebrities

Self-Improvement vs True Arrival

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There’s a space between understanding and arriving at the Truth – and in this episode, Kapil and Moe discuss the in-betweens that most of us just don’t see.

Beware Of The Process

“The difference between the superstar athlete and the one who struggles throughout his career is that one enjoys being a superstar and the other enjoys struggle.”  

As I read that Tweet from Kapil, it was a stark reminder as to why certain leaders are thriving today and others are failing miserably.  This is in no way an assault on modern leaders, nor is it in anyway diminishing the new world order that they have to navigate ; still it’s an observation and a re-confirmation of our addiction to the quick-fix or as Kapil like to say – the familiarity of prescriptions.  

Freedom lies on the other side of fear; and as you’ll discover during our dialogue, it starts with your willingness to understand your self-imposed mind games.  Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear:

  • The DNA of entrepreneurship.
  • The myth and trap of ‘following or trusting a process’.
  • The comfort in misery.
  • Self-improvement vs true arrival.
  • Beyond being agnostic to the opinion of others – the next level of freedom exists.
  • Why there are no business problems, no sports problems – and only human problems?
  • Why mistakes are a result of seeking prescriptions instead of understanding?
  • Understanding friendships/relationships.
  • Why all human beings suffer the same plight?
  • Why are we attracted to the notion of better and worse?
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