Self Portrait As Your Traitor

Debbie Millman

with Debbie Millman

Author, Designer, Educator, Brand Strategist, and Host of Design Matters

Self Portrait As Your Traitor

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Moe and Debbie discuss branding, design, and her new book, Self Portrait As Your Traitor

The promise of a Brand

When I think of Apple, I visualize elegant design.  Mention Google, and my first thought is innovation.  Talk about Zappos, and my mind immediately thinks of CEO Tony Hsieh’s metaphor “Delivering Happiness.”   These three iconic brands clearly know what they stand for and their greatest market differentiator is their relentless pursuit of delivering on their promise.  Design and brand maven, Debbie Millman engages 22 of the most progressive voices in design to share their perspective on Brand Thinking — Here’s a glimpse…