Simple Is the New Smart

Rob Fazio

with Rob Fazio

Managing Partner of OnPoint Advising.

Simple Is the New Smart

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Moe and Rob Fazio talk about how to build confidence, inspire yourself and reach your ultimate potential

Simple is the New Smart

If you enjoy thoughtful, actionable and impactful ideas that are simple to implement, you’ll appreciate the work of Dr. Rob Fazio (@Rob_Fazio).  In his latest book, Simple is the New Smart; he synthesizes his work with senior executives into 26 strategies that will not only help you conquer your inner doubts; more importantly, they’ll convince you that the key to getting ahead has less to do with learning new skills than it does with ditching old habits.  

Here’s what we discuss:

  • The one defining trait that distinguishes leaders and organizations he most admires

  • What triggers fear and how to harness it?

  • The difference between fear and doubt?

  • The process of detaching from past thought patterns & limiting beliefs

  • Why political savvy is an essential ingredient of admired leaders?

  • What we don’t know about motivation?

  • The difference between priorities and preferences?