Six Principles to Network Like a Pro

David Bradford

with David Bradford

Executive Chairman at HireVue

Six Principles to Network Like a Pro

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Moe, Mariyln and David discuss no-fail principles for using connections to achieve your highest success.

Six Principles to Network Like a Pro

When Malcolm Gladwell changed the business vernacular with the release of – The Tipping Point – the power of a connector was heightened to epic awareness.   This, Gladwell referenced, was the “law of the few” and the connector was that rare individual with ‘a special gift for bringing the world together.’  It turns out that each of us is likely surround by a connector; sadly though, few of us pause long enough to take notice, acknowledge or learn from them.  It’s hardly difficult to spot one – she’s likely the one person you know who’s insanely curious about those around her; she’s smart, confident, altruistic, and has an extraordinary knack for making friends and acquaintances.

In addition to that magnetic personality, the company she keeps tends to distinguish her from most of us.  To her, it’s about possibility and opportunity; and while the majority of us waste time filtering who we might want to welcome into our lives, she accepts them all.  David Bradford is that quintessential connector – because he never stops adding value to those in his life.  Certainly his network was instrumental in his evolution as an entrepreneur, still as he explains in – Up Your Game: 6 Timeless Principles For Networking Your Way To The Top – who you know will almost certainly define who you are.  It starts with this simple mantra.