Smart People Should Build Things

Andrew Yang

with Andrew Yang

Founder and CEO of Venture for America

Smart People Should Build Things

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Moe and Andrew Yang talk about how to restore our culture of achievement, build a path for entrepreneurs, and create new jobs in America.

Growing From Within

You didn’t have to be a baseball fan to enjoy this year’s World Series; and particularly the run that the Kansas City Royals made.  They turned a 29-year drought into an October to remember, and a game seven for the ages.  Unfortunately, for Royal fans, the San Francisco Giants were one run better; securing their third championship in last five years, and demonstrating in the process that homegrown talent is the secret to building an enduring franchise.  

Hardly recognized for the depth of their farm system, the Giants were second only to the St. Louis Cardinals with 14 drafted players on their 40-man active roster heading into the postseason – including all-world pitcher, Madison Bumgarner (2007), and  MVP catcher Buster Posey (fifth overall in 2008).  “we spend a lot of time prioritizing which prospects are coming up, how long it will take them to get here and whether they are untouchable or can be traded,” general manager Brian Sabean echoes.  “You can’t predict the graduation rate or how guys are going to move up the ladder or how timely that’s going to be,”  he continues.  “But this year was more timely than most, and in numbers that showed that we know what we’re doing.”  

Player development in Major League Baseball is the hallmark of a championship organization; for not only does it prepare the next generation for the big leagues, more importantly, it breeds a level of consistency and continuity that can be replicated.   When Andrew Yang launched Venture for America, he vowed to do for smart college graduates what the farm system does for aspiring baseball players – give them the mentorship and experience they need to succeed at the next level.  In his book, Smart People Should Build Things, he shares how those who create the most value learn to capture it.