Spiraling Upward

Wendy Wallbridge

with Wendy Wallbridge

Transformational Leadership Coach

Spiraling Upward

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Moe and Wendy Wallbridge talk about a cogent road map for professional women looking to unlock their power and achieve success on their own terms.

Choosing to Spiral Up

Wendy Wallbridge is a savvy veteran who understands how to navigate the roughest of business terrains.  In nearly 3 decades of inspiring women to elevate their ambition, Wallbridge has gained acclaim for her subtle, yet highly personal approach to getting results.  To her, winning has never been a zero sum game, it always starts by breaking down the systems that aren’t working, identifying and establishing commitment to change yesterday’s habits, and developing the mental fortitude it takes to shift from a life by default to one much more prosperous.

In her latest book, Spiraling Upward: The 5 Co-Creative Powers for Women on the Rise, she makes a simple distinction that demonstrates why those most likely to get ahead work hard to consciously align their Energy, Mind, Feelings, Speech, and Action.  I was especially drawn to Wendy’s genuineness, and as you’ll discover throughout our conversation, she eats her own cooking.

Here’s a sample of our dialogue:

  • Why this is the decade of the female entrepreneur
  • The patterns that keep women Spiraling down
  • The shift to worthiness
  • Putting the five co-creative powers to work
  • The most important lesson about managing your energy
  • Learning to shift your thinking patterns
  • Wendy’s message to Millennials