STATE Bags Road to The White House

Jacq Tatelman

with Jacq Tatelman

Co-Founder of STATE Bags

STATE Bags Road to The White House

STATE Bags Road to The White House 454 543 33Voices

Jacq and Jenna discuss the make it or break it obstacles STATE’s overcome to build the brand loved by Beyonce, Jessica Alba, and President Obama.

Learning Points

  • The genesis of STATE Bags and how Camp Power revealed an opportunity to support children by equipping them with a backpack that inspires them to beat the statistics
  • Jacq and Scot’s critical realization that missions don’t sell products and how they reframed their business model to scale STATE
  • When, how, and who to ask for help when you’re launching your business and as well as how to interpret their advice
  • The day Scot’s STATE Bag ripped, two weeks after the company launched, and why the team recalled their first collection
  • How to internally and externally manage a product crisis; Transparency and ownership are key to retaining your customers
  • Inside STATE’s rebrand and how to make people fall in love with your company
  • How the team overcame design and manufacturing challenges during the rebrand, triumphing mere days before launching their partnership with Beyonce
  • Developing thick skin as an entrepreneur; “There’s more involved in this moment than the moment you’re in.”