Finding Your Center in the Present Moment

Sage Grazer

with Sage Grazer

LCSW, Psychotherapist, and Co-founder and Chief Clinical Officer of Frame

Finding Your Center in the Present Moment

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“Our bodies speak the truth. Our bodies don’t have the capacity to lie to us. But, our minds do.”

What is the simplest way to be in the present moment? By being in our bodies, we learn from LCSW, psychotherapist, and Frame Co-founder, Sage Grazer. In the first of a series of mental wellbeing conversations, we explore how listening to our bodies can help us discern how we truly feel and make choices that support our highest wellbeing.

We articulate how to discern what our baseline is to understand how our thoughts and circumstances influence us. The stories we tell ourselves shape our experiences. Sage helps us identify which parts may be influenced by our past, including trauma, so we can author a healthy self narrative that moves us forward.

Acceptance helps us access our agency. Still, stress is inevitable. As we navigate full, and highly stimulating, lives Sage helps us answer — When should I push myself versus when should I nurture myself? — and employ coping behaviors to return to our baseline, like exhaling to signal to our body that we are safe and grounding in feelings of gratitude.