Disrupting the Travel Industry


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Disrupting the Travel Industry

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Jenna Abdou & Chase Jennings sit down with  Kevin Petrovic, co-founder of FlightCar, the first company to establish a marketplace that allows vehicle owners parking at the airport to rent out their cars to other travelers.

Disrupting the Travel Industry

Written by Jenna Abdou

When Steve Jobs envisioned the Mac, he convinced his partner, Steve Wozniak that it’d be successful simply because people can’t know what they want until they see it.
In similar vain, Kevin Petrovic, Rujul Zaparde, and Shri Ganeshram were intuitive to the needs of travelers when they dreamed of FlightCar – the car sharing platform that’s changing the way we travel. In less than a year since their launch, the company has expanded to four locations across the U.S. and currently serves over 15,000 users. Despite the excitement, the three founders are facing challenges from industry giants who are refusing to see things differently. Rather than halt their progress, the team’s using the outside demands to further differentiate their brand; here’s how: 

  1. A user experience is from start to finish.  While you may not eliminate every problem, attention to detail eliminates 90% of issues. 
  2. Retention is correlated to rapport. Respond to conflict personally and you’ll not only show your customers that you care but you’ll equalize the situation. 
  3. The difference between a good and an exceptional customer experience is how you market your product. Emphasize the factors that excite users individually they’ll not only come back, but refer their friends.