Succeeding (Repeatedly) On Kickstarter

Studio Neat

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Succeeding (Repeatedly) On Kickstarter

Succeeding (Repeatedly) On Kickstarter 720 720 33Voices

Moe has a conversation with Studio Neat’s co-creators to discuss the strategy behind their repeat Kickstarter success.

Launching a Successful Kickstarter Campaign

The great misconception about Kickstarter is that its easy – and as business builders, each of us is keenly aware that nothing worthwhile is without effort, and hardly turns out like it was originally planned.  In my mind, the nature of any business is akin to riding a bike, and the moment you stop peddling is when trouble looms.  Tom Gerhardt and Dan Provost are two designers who personify the best of Kickstarter – not only have they’ve built a business almost entirely through their community pledges; more importantly, they’ve done it without sacrificing their desire to remain lean.  Here are the key takeaways from their experience.