Taking Risks with Confidence

Josh Altman

with Josh Altman

Co-Founder of The Altman Bros

Taking Risks with Confidence

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Moe and Josh Altman talk about insights to help aspiring entrepreneurs and established professionals outsmart the competition.

Elevate Your confidence, Multiply Your Success

If you’ve ever watched Bravo’s hit reality series “Million Dollar Listing,” you undoubtedly know that there’s no shortage of staged TV drama taking place to keep you coming back. Still, what many of us fail to see is the incredible tenacity it takes for each one of these realtors to reach elite status in the field.  Selling high-end real estate is plain difficult, but if you’re Josh Altman, it starts with a ‘ready, fire, aim’ mindset.  “You have to be ready to identify opportunities, you have to have the confidence to make quick decisions and fire when those opportunities arise, and you have to learn from your mistakes and aim for better results in the future.  You can be a success, but only if you train yourself to constantly be creating your own opportunities.”

Josh and his brother, Matt have conquered one of the most lucrative real estate markets on the planet – West Los Angeles.  Having sold in excess of $1.5 Billion worth of property, the Altman brothers have built a roster of clients that includes some of the most prominent celebrities, athletes, and business elites in Hollywood.  Their names have become synonymous with luxury real estate, but when you read Josh’s new book – It’s Your Move:  My Million Dollar Method for Taking Risks with Confidence and Succeeding at Work and Life, you’ll quickly realize that his success is anchored in a much deeper purpose.

Here’s what you can expect from our conversation: