Taking the Stage

Judith Humphrey

with Judith Humphrey

Founder of The Humphrey Group

Taking the Stage

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Moe and Judith Humphrey discuss ways for women to speak up confidently, gain respect, earn the promotions they deserve, and secure their places at the boardroom table. 

Taking the Stage

If delivering presentations or giving speeches is part of your repertoire, you undoubtedly know how much more difficult it is to give an eight minute talk than it is to speak for 30 minutes.  The former leaves no room for error; you get one shot to deliver a precise message, send strong emotional vibes, and leave your audience with an aura that will resonate far deeper than your words.  Few get it right, and even fewer are willing to do the mental, verbal, vocal and physical work that’s absolutely necessary for one to be recognized as a distinguished speaker.  

None of us are immune to stage fright, but in an era where female entrepreneurs are redefining the startup collective, it’s more important than ever for them to let their presence do the talking.  For nearly three decades, Judith Humphrey, founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Humphrey Group has been helping senior women executives speak sp, stand out, and succeed. In her book, Taking the Stage, she unpacks her renowned method to help you better express yourself.  

Here are a few of the areas we address during our conversation:

  • Stage presence, and what it looks like

  • The most common barriers to delivering a captivating presentation

  • The 3 things you must stop doing if you’re to speak like a pro

  • The pre-speech mental rituals that distinguish the pros

  • Making your voice visual

  • Should you or should you have a script or a powerpoint to follow

  • What your body will say about you