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Robin Sharma

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Leadership Expert + Advisor to Business Titans + Humanitarian

The 5 AM Club

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Celebrated Leadership Expert, Robin Sharma joins Moe Abdou to explore his path to personal mastery, heightened productivity, and sustained excellence.

The 5 AM Club

Roughly 15 years ago, a good friend handed me a copy of a short book that carried a powerful message.  Having not read much fiction at that time, I was drawn to the title – The Monk Who sold His Ferrari – and what followed was a series of poetic life lessons that have since been imbedded in my psyche.

Flip through the first few pages of this or any of Robin Sharma’s writings, and you’ll notice an elegance that not only draws you in; but that puts you square in the middle of the action.  His stories maybe fables; but they’re real, authentic and connect to the core of the issues we struggle with as ambitious human beings and business builders.  Too often those issues are internal and self-imposed, still they’re that much more difficult to confront.

To change, our stories have to change, our awareness has to evolve, and our desire has to be greater than any fear standing in the way.  Sure it takes courage, but as you’ll discover in my conversation with Robin and in his latest book – The 5 AM Club:  Own Your Morning. Elevate Your Life; it starts with one clearly-defined decision.

Here’s a sampling of questions we discuss:

  • Robin’s first big breakthrough – what ignited it & what he did to capture it?
  • His path to heightened self-awareness.
  • The correlation between self-identity and self worth.
  • The three themes that connect world-class performers.
  • The 20/20/20 method that multiplies your progress.
  • The four interior empires that catalyze exponential growth.
  • The greatest business danger that the most accomplished leaders face?
  • An approach to reframing your personal narrative.
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