The Art of Breathing

Danny Penman

with Danny Penman

Owner of FranticWorld.

The Art of Breathing

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Award-winning journalist, Danny Penman rejoins Moe Abdou to discuss the miraculous power of the breath and why it holds the key to unlocking your true essence.  

The Art of Breathing

Consciously or unconsciously, each of us has experienced the power of a single breath – whether it was a deep breath before an important game.  A few breaths before going on stage for an important presentation.  Or a breath to feel a sense of calm when going through a challenging moment; Danny Penman reminds us that ‘{our} breath is the greatest asset {we} have.  It’s naturally meditative and always with us….It helps us feel solid, whole, and in complete control of our lives while grounding us in the present moment, clarifying our minds, and unshackling our instinct.’ 

When you’re breathing, you’re alive – you’re at peace with yourself, the world around you, and as you’ll discover during my conversation with Penman, you’re that much closer to capturing the true essence of who you really are.  None of us are immune to mind chatter and negative thinking; still when you realize that those thoughts, feelings, and emotions are created as much by the body as they are by the brain; you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for how and why just one breath – done properly can become a healing mechanism.  So, take a deep breath and listen closely as we explore these topics:   

  • The right way to take a breath – 5 seconds in / 7 out
  • How a deep breath, done properly can impact how you think
  • Why a wandering mind is a mediative mind 
  • How to truly become the observer of your thoughts
  • An approach to breathe away bad habits
  • A breathing mediation to minimize anxiety and stress
  • How mindfulness ignites greatness at work
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