The Best Place to Work

Ron Friedman

with Ron Friedman

Founder of ignite80

The Best Place to Work

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Moe and Ron Friedman discuss the art and science of creating an extraordinary workplace.

The Best Place to Work

One of the hallmarks of today’s most promising companies is an inviting and inspiring culture. Call it what you will, still this is a generation that has grown accustomed to a workplace environment that’s as playful as it is imaginative, as challenging as it is rewarding — and as collaborative as it is ambitious. While the best places to work have more in common than one might think, Ron Friedman, PhD reminds us that it is part Art, and part Science. In his highly engaging book, The Best Place to Work, Friedman will show why these extraordinary companies play by their own rules. Among the topics he and I discuss are: 

▪ Why an environment that rewards failure doesn’t sacrifice accountability

▪ The correlation between play and exercise with intelligence and creativity

▪ How learning happens inside today’s most promising companies

▪ The leadership it takes to flip the funnel and build such an environment

▪ Why motivation is overrated

▪ Why you need to learn how to negotiate

▪ The key to attracting today’s brightest talent