The Big Data-Driven Business

Russell Glass

with Russell Glass

Founder and CEO of Bizo

The Big Data-Driven Business

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Moe and Russell Glass discuss how to use big data to win customers, beat competitors, and boost profits. 

The Big Data-Driven Business

Written by Moe Abdou

The term ‘Big Data’ is no longer just a buzz phrase. To an evolving business, it’s a survival mechanism, while in the C-suite, it’s the new science that will distinguish an established brand from its closest competitors.  “Data really powers everything that we do”  Linkedin CEO, Jeff Weiner states. Still, the vast majority of leaders have hardly scratched the surface in understanding its impact.  Linkedin’s head of B2B marketing products, Russell Glass wrote the book, The Big Data-Driven Business, to give us a glimpse of how progressive companies harness data to reimagine the way they deliver value.  Here’s what you can expect from our conversation:

  • What really is ‘Big Data’?

  • Big Data’s impact on the customer journey?

  • How data intelligence is changing the role of CMO and CIO

  • How are the best marketers using data to get measurable results?

  • How technology is bridging the gap between marketing and sales

  • Big Data and Big Privacy

  • Big Data: a leadership decision