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with Lars Tvede

Founder of Beluga

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Moe and Lars Tvede talk about how his entrepreneurial roots have shaped not only his investment philosophy, but his life philosophy.

An Entrepreneurial Approach to Investing and Life

I had a hunch this afternoon that my conversation with Lars Tvede was going to be a bit different. Lars is an entrepreneur, investor, financial advisor, author, and above all, an adventurer living in Switzerland, but connecting the world with his ideas. He has done too many things and published too many books for me to list here; but what you’ll find out in this conversation is how his entrepreneurial roots continue to shape his investment and life philosophy. 

Here’s what he shares:

▪ The future trends that will likely define the next decade

▪ What will be irrelevant about business, as we know it, in the future?

▪ What society gets wrong about creativity?

▪ Is creativity a mindset?

▪ Tomorrow’s most promising economies

▪ What hasn’t changed about his approach to marketing

▪ Why & how adventure ignites creativity

▪ Resources:

⁃ Lars Tvede’s Web Site & Books