The DNA of Game Changers

Nathan Ott

with Nathan Ott

Co-Founder and CEO of eg.1.

The DNA of Game Changers

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Moe and Nathan Ott discuss how Game Changers are wired differently to other people and the DNA that makes them tick.

The DNA of Game Changers

As a sports enthusiast, the question that has forever fascinated me is what’s the distinction between a super-elite athlete and his or her contemporaries?   Whether it’s Michael Jordan, Tom Brady or Serena Williams, their ability to consistently perform when the stakes are highest is as rare a talent as the championships they’ve earned.  Rarely is it skill alone though, as the gap amongst professional athletes is narrow at best — and if its mental fortitude that separates them, as most believe, what exactly are those mental characteristics that seem so elusive to the rest of us?   

In similar vein, once-in-a-lifetime leaders like Steve Jobs and Warren Buffett have no rivals, and they, too are hailed for their willingness to go where no one has been.  Nathan Ott of eg1 consultancy calls them ‘game changers’ and for the past 15 years, he’s been on a quest to decode the DNA that sets them apart.  Earlier this month, he gave us the first look at his findings, and while the results may not surprise you, they’re certain to inspire you.  

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The essence of modern leadership

  • The essential priorities of a ‘game changer’

  • The DNA of a ‘game changer’

  • What can Walt Disney teach us about modern business

  • The power of being a ‘Big Picture’ Thinker

  • Why ‘likability’ is an underrated skill

  • How a ‘game changer’ enhance her confidence