The Fuzzy and The Techie

Scott Hartley

with Scott Hartley

The Fuzzy and the Techie

The Fuzzy and The Techie

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Venture Capitalist and author, Scott Hartley joins Moe Abdou to discuss the essential role that Liberal Arts plays in Tech startups.

The Fuzzy and The Techie

There’s no shortage of conversation around the future of work and the impact that Artificial Intelligence {AI} is the bound to have on tomorrow’s workforce.  Sure, many will be displaced; but ask venture capitalist, Scott Hartley who’s most likely to thrive, and his answer might surprise you.  

Having served as a Presidential Innovation Fellow at the While House, and played key roles at Google, Facebook, and several venture firms; Hartley is convinced that the greatest opportunities in tech can’t and will never be solved by machine alone.  His latest book – The Fuzzy and The Techie, pulls back the curtain on a number of consequential startups who are redefining industries ranging from healthcare and cybersecurity to hospitality and education, but who are doing it with little to no background in the hard sciences.  If you’re one such individual, you’ll get a tremendous boost from this conversation – here’s what to listen for:

  • Artificial Intelligence – The threats and opportunities 
  • Who are the Fuzzies and how to leverage their skillsets 
  • Launching a tech company with little or no tech experience
  • Why physics is the key to approaching complex problems
  • Making technology more ethical
  • Algorithms that serve – rather than rule us
  • The future of work