The Game of Legend

Kapil Gupta

with Kapil Gupta

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The Game of Legend

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Kapil + Moe introduce a concept of ‘The Game’ that shies away from competition, outcomes, and praise – instead, they explore the elements of mastery that become the essence of sustained greatness. 

The Game of Legend

There are certainly things that distinguish legendary performers from the rest of the world, and for many years I felt that it started with talent – then nearly a decade ago, Carol Dweck came into my life and convinced me of the power of mindset.  

There is absolutely no denying the importance of one’s frame of mind, still as you’ll discover in this latest episode with Kapil Gupta, the real Truth of mindset extends far beyond the manner in which you choose to measure your success.  Here’s a sampling of the insights that you’ll gain:

  • To the super elite, performance is never the goal – it’s always a byproduct of something greater.
  • When you’re beholden to an outcome that determines how you feel about yourself, you’ve lost control.
  • Talent is important, but what separates the super elites from the elites {within a particular domain} is their mind. 
  • Competition breeds mediocrity – Masters don’t look to better anyone – they don’t compete, rather they design their own game.
  • Whatever your view is, that’s what your pursuit will be. 
  • Fear is rarely the problem – if you’re afraid of not becoming a success – then you’ll go down the path of hard work and struggle.  If you’re afraid of not learning the absolute truth – how good you could have been – then you’ll go down the path of mastery. 
  • Groups are a regression to the mean.
  • Ignorance has real world consequences.
  • As long as a leader’s interested in the opinion of others, she’ll hardly get a glimpse of her potential.
  • If you sell-out on your talent, then you’re an insult to that talent.  
  • True originality is extraordinary rare … The truly original human has to have the DNA not to worry about what the world thinks of him/her.
  • The secret to outwardly success is purity.