The Game Within The Game

Kapil Gupta

with Kapil Gupta

Personal Advisor to Pro Athletes, CEO's, Celebrities

The Game Within The Game

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Moe and Kapil continue their dialogue about perpetual excellence with the emphasis of this episode being on the illusion of effort & purpose, the pleasure of pain, and the beauty of understanding.  

The Game Within The Game

Among the many things that I continue to learn from Kapil Gupta is the idea that ‘it’s never about thing’ – and if you’ve listened to any of our previous conversations or have followed Kapil, you understand the translation to simply mean that the core of any issue – whether it’s a challenge or an opportunity – often lies beyond the naked eye; so here in lies one of the great mysteries that we all deal with.  

In this episode we go deeper into this topic and the duality that comes with it – here’s what you can expect to hear:

  • Winning without effort.
  • Why you often hear elite athletes refer to the ‘game slowing down’?
  • Why effort is actually interference?
  • Learning the art of ‘chasing nothing’.
  • When is one most at peace with herself?
  • Why true transformation always starts with understanding?
  • The wisdom of pain.
  • The real reason people/companies try to reinvent themselves?
  • What most of us get wrong about Stoicism?
  • The ultimate measure of any leader?
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