The Glam App Empowers Stylists to be Entrepreneurs

Cara Santana

with Cara Santana

Actress, Blogger, and Founder of The Glam App

The Glam App Empowers Stylists to be Entrepreneurs

The Glam App Empowers Stylists to be Entrepreneurs 600 902 33Voices

Cara and Jenna discuss designing The Glam App to support stylists as well as Cara’s work building and scaling her famous blog Cara Disclothed.

Learning Points

  • The Glam App’s commitment helping stylists master their craft rather than performing jobs that aren’t advancing their skill sets
  • The Glam App for consumers and the team’s favorite stories so far, including sending stylists to see children and women in the hospital
  • Partnerships with Glamour, Nexxus, Mane Addicts, and The Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles and how Cara’s experiences working with brands at Cara Disclothed enable her to understand and deliver on both sides of the relationship
  • The genesis of Cara Disclothed and how the blog evolved into a full-scale operation with agents and a business development and editorial team
  • Cara’s personal mission to demystify fashion by having a non-pretentious conversation on the blog; “We all have to get dressed. It shouldn’t be exclusionary.” 
  • Cara’s experiences balancing compassion, friendship, and leadership as a founder. She follows the insight: “Seek rather to understand than to be understood.”
  • Cara on women entrepreneurs navigating the expectation to be nurturing in the workplace – “No one is paying me to make sure you’re okay. They’re paying me to make sure the job is done.”
  • The trait Cara wishes people knew about her