The Global Influence of India’s Fintech Revolution

Bobby Bose

with Bobby Bose

Co-founder and CEO of Ezetap

The Global Influence of India’s Fintech Revolution

The Global Influence of India’s Fintech Revolution 815 658 33Voices

Bobby and Jenna discuss India’s awaited fintech awakening, how it’s changing the country, and the role Ezetap is playing powering applications to connect businesses and citizens.

Learning Points

  • India’s unique fintech revolution; “We have an opportunity in India to create experiences that are almost science fiction in the U.S.”
  • The two trends driving India’s financial restructuring: Digitization of the economy and smart mobile applications 
  • How Ezetap builds mobile infrastructure to “allow a business to do any type of transaction using any type of instrument for any type of person anywhere.”
  • Ezetap’s 11-year evolution and their plan to touch every business in the country; “We can turn a small shop in a village into a one stop shop for billing, payments, and voting.”
  • Bobby’s favorite Ezetap story about Micropension and their efforts helping Indian citizens living in small villages build their savings
  • Building India’s new financial system from the ground up and the government’s work creating a first of its kind authentication system (Read more from Bobby here
  • Decreasing the cost of financial transactions and “how it immediately changes the economics of how the entire credit and debit system of the world works” 
  • The first phase of India’s tech renaissance and Bobby’s three-fold advice for founders: Be patient, have grit – It’s a tougher grind – and know that your product is not enough to succeed.