The Heart Led Leader

Tommy Spaulding

with Tommy Spaulding

President of the Spaulding Companies LLC

The Heart Led Leader

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Moe and Tommy Spaulding talk about how living and leading from the heart will change your organization and your life

The Heart-Led Leader

Have you ever been around a leader who you knew was just playing a role?  You hear it in the language he chooses, you see it because he hardly looks you in the eye; and you certainly feel it because he’s more often speaking from his head rather than his heart.  The funny thing about leadership is that it’s a choice; and during any given moment, you can choose to either radiate a positive, selfless spirit or you can elect to exude the power of your position.  It’s rare to be around a leader who lives to inspire others, but what you’ll discover in Tommy Spaulding’s work on, The Heart Led Leader, those are the individuals who aren’t afraid to lead with love.  

If you’re a leader at any level, Tommy will help you understand why effective leadership is an inside-out sport.  For unless you’re able to articulate the answers to such deep, philosophical questions as who am I?  Who do I want to become?  What do I want to be known for as a leader?  And, what is my leadership philosophy?  You’ll have a hard time convincing others to follow you.  

Here are a few of the topics that Tommy and I discuss:

  • Why emotions breed trust

  • Does a leader have to love the people who work for him/her?

  • How does money and ambition correlate with Love and Compassion?

  • How much of a leader’s self-worth is derived through sympathy?

  • How does a Heart-Led Leader handle conflict?

  • The key priorities of a Heart-Led Leader

  • The one thing that a Heart-Led Leader most believes in

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