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Chris Malone

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The Human Brand

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Moe and Chris discuss The Human Brand.

The Human Brand

I have a good friend, Gregg C., who does a superb job coordinating the complex risk management needs of super affluent clients around the world.  Gregg is the consummate pro – not only does he have a real time pulse on industry trends; more importantly, he has a infectious yearning to contribute to the wellbeing of society.  To him, business is about people, and that always starts with putting their interests ahead of his.  Having spent 30 years in executive leadership positions, Gregg understands that a reputation is hardly built overnight, and is the culmination of consistently delivering on your promises. 

Earlier this week, I contacted Gregg for help in analyzing the risk portfolio of a highly successful entrepreneur who was evaluating the possible sale of his business.  Because the potential acquirer was an Asian company, the situation was even more complex and required vigilant oversight.  Within two days of sending him the information, I received a 20 page report to forward to the entrepreneur; with the last paragraph reading “And, from an ethical perspective; I would highly recommend that you implement these ideas with your existing team, as I’m sure they’ve worked hard to earn your business.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out if I can be of further assistance.”    Needless to say, Gregg is rare because he embodies what Chris Malone and Susan Fiske call, the principle of worthy intentions – the promise of keeping the other person’s best interest at the core of everything he does.  In their book, The Human Brand, Chris and Susan challenge us to re-imagine how we manage our customer relationships, and you might be surprised to learn why everything starts with a perception of warmth and competence.