The Inside-Out Approach to Launching Your Startup

Neil Young

with Neil Young

CEO & Founder of N3TWORK

The Inside-Out Approach to Launching Your Startup

The Inside-Out Approach to Launching Your Startup 797 1200 33Voices

Moe and Neil discuss the success behind N3TWORK and his ‘inside-out approach’ to business.

The Inside-Out Approach to Launching Your Startup.

Great entrepreneurs just seem to have a knack for anticipating the future.  Call it what you will – genius, fate or just plain luck – those who truly reimagine how we think, grow and live are the rarest breed who relish in the mystery of tomorrow, for the slightest of opportunity to make the world a better place.   Anytime I can get a glimpse of that next potentially great thing, I gain an even deeper appreciation for  that level of human ingenuity.  While I know that each of us is wired with the capacity to imagine; only those who make courage part of the equation are able to ignite it.   Like the world’s most daring cliff divers, entrepreneurs risk making their jumps when they see the rocks with the belief that they’ll find the water.  In other words, they see what most of us hardly know exists.  

While watching the Presidential Election in November, 2012 Neil Young was frustrated that there wasn’t a more streamlined and customized way to coordinate his viewing experience, so he created the first of its kind personal TV network for internet video – N3twork.  Like Flipboard, N3twork will discover and collect videos that are unique to your preferences, and if the success of Flipboard is any indication, perhaps this is a glimpse of television in 21st Century.   In speaking with Neil, there’s something very reassuring about his approach to business, and if there’s one thing that each of us can learn from his approach; its his inside out philosophy.  Here’s why you might want to reimagine your own culture.