The Leap towards Spiritual Awakening

Steve Taylor

with Steve Taylor

Author and Lecturer - Spirituality and Psychology

The Leap towards Spiritual Awakening

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Acclaimed Spiritual leader, Steve Taylor joins Moe Abdou to discuss how ordinary people can unlock their awakened state.

The Leap towards Spiritual Awakening

Anytime Eckhart Tolle recommends someone or something, I take notice – so, when I stumbled upon a short, entertaining segment with he and Steve Taylor discussing the power of presence, I was inspired by the simplicity and elegance of their message.  For us followers of Eckhart’s teachings, there wasn’t anything particularly new – just another perspective to further reinforce the importance of disconnecting from our thoughts and our minds.  “The reality of who you are now…” he states “…is just the awareness and whatever the awareness is aware of – nothing else, that’s your reality.”  If it were only that simple.

Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to read several of Taylor’s books; and it quickly became apparent why he is highly regarded and considered among the elites of all Spiritual teachers.   Not only does he bring a fresh perspective to a fragile topic; more importantly, he approaches it with the mindset of the teacher and psychologist he is – always on a constant quest to validate his learnings.  So, regardless of your beliefs or Spiritual commitments, I urge you to pay attention to Taylor’s message on wellbeing, happiness and modern success.  He certainly isn’t one to impart his convictions on you, but if you’re serious about improving your state of being, he’ll convince you that the time to take the Leap is now.  Here’s what we discuss:

  • Human + Being | what does it really mean.
  • The process of dis-identifying from your thoughts.
  • Understanding & achieving happiness.
  • Is a crisis necessary for a spiritual awakening?
  • On the journey towards awakening, what is success?
  • The most important lesson he learned from Eckhart Tolle.
  • If you’re serious about seeking spiritual fulfillment, do these three things.
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