The Making of a Creative Life

Debbie Millman

with Debbie Millman

Author, Designer, Educator, Brand Strategist, and Host of Design Matters

The Making of a Creative Life

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In Debbie Millman’s new book, Why Design Matters, she curates interviews from her award-winning podcast, Design Matters, where for 17 years she’s explored what it means to live a creative life with the world’s foremost creators.

Revered for her enduring impact as a designer, educator, and brand strategist, what sustains the aliveness of her own creative spirit? “Life,” she says. “I’m living. I can’t imagine not being able to make things; That’s the life force for me…Just even making a day is what excites me.” 

In our conversation, we delve into just that, from the seemingly magical exercise she uses to design her life to choosing fulfillment over fear and how the lesson she is most grateful for — “Anything worthwhile takes a long time.” — maps the arc of her beautiful journey.