The Making of a Dream Team

Shane Snow

with Shane Snow

Co-Founder of Contently

The Making of a Dream Team

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Award-winning journalist and celebrated entrepreneur, Shane Snow rejoins Moe Abdou to explore the fascinating science behind building and leading a Dream Team.  

The Making of Dream Teams

For sports fans the world over, the concept of “Dream Teams” is forever debated – Whether it’s the original, Michael Jordan led men’s Olympic Basketball team of 1992, Tom Brady’s New England Patriots of the past decade, or perhaps the current version of Steph Curry’s Golden State Warriors – each is revered in their own way.  Still, the singular characteristic that ties them together for me is their unrivaled ability to make greatness so effortless and so routine.  

As a student of peak performance and human psychology, I’m fascinated by those who make the pursuit of excellence their default modus operandi.  To them, satisfaction doesn’t necessarily come from achieving big goals, but rather from the struggle to get there.  Rarely will you hear them measure their progress against the achievements of others; and even more seldom is their need for approval.  Simply put, the best are just better than the rest – and in sports, that disparity is rather obvious; but what about the world of business?  What do the best teams at work look like?  How are they assembled and what do they do to maintain their edge?  

To the brilliant journalist and entrepreneur, Shane Snow – “there’s science behind this kind of magic.  Dream teams are not just random.  They’re the result of subtle interactions, and ones that are not obvious…And that science can help us work better together in any field.”  From our personal relationships, to our everyday work, and to our communities, Snow’s latest book – Dream Teams:  Working Together Without Falling Apart helps you understand why the overwhelming majority of partnerships fail – and what it takes for the select few to break through.  

Shane is a brilliant writer and a captivating storyteller, and as you’ll discover in this conversation, he has an immense desire to contribute.  Pay particular attention to his perspective on these questions: 

  • What made this year’s Washington Capitals & Vegas Golden Knights hockey teams so special?
  • Why Stars can be overrated and what you can do about it?
  • The formula to make greatness routine?
  • The type of leader who excels at assembling Dream Teams?
  • Why success gets in the way of greater success?
  • What can World of Warcraft teach us about collaboration?
  • What most of us never knew about Malcom X?
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