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The Modern Business-Woman

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Moe and Paulette discuss the modern business-woman

The Modern Business-Woman

If you’re a stay-at-home mom contemplating your next chapter, there’s never been a more desirable time to consider an entrepreneurial path.  In less than 18 month, we’ve seen an almost cult like movement around Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In message challenging aspiring women to get a seat at the table.  Sandberg’s certainly one who ‘walks the talk’, and despite far too many pundits choosing to emphasize her privileged position; it’s her bold leadership and example that shines a light on why Hillary Rodham Clinton is often quoted as saying “women are the world’s most underused resource.”  

In January, 2014 Geri Stengel wrote an article for Forbes highlighting -11 Reasons 2014 Will Be A Breakout Year For Women Entrepreneurs – and toping the list is why women have the right stuff; especially when it comes to building and growing teams.  According to research conducted by Zenger Folkman, “Two of the traits where women outscored men to the highest degree – initiative and driving for results – have long been thought of as particularly male strengths,”  and that’s precisely why the world needs more women in business.  So, what’s holding women back?  Paulette Light will give you a perspective that might tell you why it maybe harder than you think.