The Mystique of The Ritz Carlton

Horst Schulze

with Horst Schulze

Founding President of The Ritz Carlton Hotels

The Mystique of The Ritz Carlton

The Mystique of The Ritz Carlton 504 630 33Voices

Moe Abdou is joined by the distinguished founding member of The Ritz Carlton Hotels, Horst Schulze to explore why the path to sustained excellence always starts with motive & purpose.

The Mystique of The Ritz Carlton

Long before I had the opportunity to interview Horst Schulze – the distinguished founding president of the Ritz Carlton Hotels – I had been echoing his pioneering mantra “Ladies and Gentlemen Serving Ladies and Gentlemen” for years as a reminder of the power of identity.

I first caught a glimpse of the mantra in the early 90s while attending a leadership retreat in Toronto – and while I didn’t fully grasp the context at the time – I felt that it captured the true essence of my experience with the properties which I visited.  It didn’t matter the nature of my visit – whether it was a quick lunch or a family vacation; a corporate retreat or an awards banquet – I’ve always marveled at the consistency and elegance that made everyone of those interactions impossible to forget.

As a guest, that flawless execution became a new normal for me.  But, as a business person in the midst of growing an organization, I was anxious to get behind the curtain.  It took two decades, but I finally got the opportunity to learn first hand from Horst Schultze, and so will you. In this segment, we’ll go back to his childhood to learn where his obsession with excellence was born, why most manager will never be leaders; and  what it took to build a brand that will forever be synonymous with eloquence.  We’ll also highlight the most critical insights you can expect to gain from his forthcoming book – Excellence Wins.  Listen for the following:

  • The prayer that saved the Ritz Carlton
  • The true meaning behind the mantra “Ladies and Gentlemen Serving Ladies and Gentlemen”.
  • The daily ritual that’s shared by every member of every Ritz Carlton everyday.
  • Why excellence is an acquired skill & how to capture it.
  • The three traits that distinguish leaders from managers.
  • The fine art of handling complaints
  • A lesson from Adam Smith that still rings true today.
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