The Non-negotiables of Modern Leadership

Ram Charan

with Ram Charan

Bestselling Author & Global Advisor to CEOs

The Non-negotiables of Modern Leadership

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Leadership aficionado, Ram Charan rejoins Moe Abdou to explore why modern leaders have to become diverse, iterative, and digitized.

The Non-negotiables of Modern Leadership

If you’ve had an opportunity to listen to my first conversation with Ram Charan, I’m guessing that you now know why he’s on speed-dial for the world’s foremost leaders.  Not only does he provide candid perspective, forward-thought, and ingenuity par excellence – to me, it’s always been his ability to package ideas, regardless of industry, that has distant him from the world of strategic advisors.

In this brief conversation, we focus exclusively on the most pressing challenges facing modern leaders – digitization, diversity, character, and the evolving consumer expectations.  Here are a few of the questions we explore:

  • Why boards have to start leading and stop managing?
  • The state of mind that best serves modern leaders?
  • Why diversity goes way beyond race, color, gender, or sexual orientation?
  • Why consumers are demanding brands to serve a social purpose?
  • Learning to think like Amazon?
  • Defining growth and strategy in the next decade
  • The non-negotiables for startup founders as they transition into leaders