The Party Goddess

Marley Majcher

with Marley Majcher

Celebrity Event Planner

The Party Goddess

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Moe and Marley discuss becoming ‘The Party Goddess’ and what it takes to be a successful celebrity event planner.

The Party Goddess

Written by Moe Abdou

In 1977 when Debbie and Randall Fields opened their first Mrs Fields Cookies, they had the foresight to commercialize a wildly popular chocolate-chip cookie recipe into a franchise that spanned the country .  Likewise, after releasing a blockbuster cookbook with photos and recipes from the parties she hosted in 1982, Martha Stewart quickly evolved into America’s event planning queen; and has since become a global media mogul.  

There are many more remarkable women entrepreneurs who’ve seized opportunity, and Marley Majcher certainly fits that profile.  While studying Marketing and entrepreneurship at Georgetown University, Majcher, happened to interview an accomplished chef, who not only inspired a shift in her life, but also became the love of her life.  Like all accomplished entrepreneurs, Majcher had to endure many pivots on her way to becoming -the Party Goddess.  Here’s the one that helped her land Hollywood’s biggest celebrities