The Power of Beautiful Questions

Warren Berger

with Warren Berger

Innovation expert, author, and journalist

The Power of Beautiful Questions

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Moe Abdou is joined by Warren Berger to explore why questions are more important than answers.

The Power of Beautiful Questions

By now, most of you reading this post or listening to this conversation with innovation expert, Warren Berger – understand that mastering the art of asking questions is the most essential of skills for entrepreneurs and modern leaders. On the one hand, it’s the one skill that guides our childhood; still somehow we lose that sense of wonder as we get more mature and venture into our professional lives. 

Growing up, I’ve always been a curious individual; never shy of asking ‘why’ or ‘how-come’ things are the way they are – but it wasn’t until I truly understood leadership that I began to appreciate the power and influence of asking thoughtful questions.  Regardless of setting or circumstance, I feel strongly that for any conversation to have impact, one has to do much more listening than speaking; and there’s no more effective way to do that than to hone the skill of asking relevant question.  

In his book – A More Beautiful Question The Power of Inquiry to Spark Breakthrough Ideas, Berger offers a compelling framework that will guide you through the most complex of business challenges, and as you’ll discover from our conversation, it all starts with one particular shift in mindset – Here’s a glimpse of what we discuss:

  • What is a beautiful question?
  • The mental shift one makes to master the art of asking thoughtful questions
  • When you don’t have the answer, what’s the right way to frame the question?
  • The link between questioning and innovation 
  • How the right questions can reframe setbacks and failure? 
  • Why the most admired leaders relish the tough questions?
  • The questioning technique that will always increase your confidence 
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