The Power of Fifty Bits

Bob Nease

with Bob Nease

Author, Speaker, Adviser

The Power of Fifty Bits

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Moe and Bob Nease talk about how to help customers, employees, coworkers, and clients make better choices to get what they truly want.

Turning Your Good Intentions Into Positive Results

The 33voices Edge Dialogue Series — with Moe Abdou & Bob Nease

One of the defining traits of exceptional leaders is their ability to influence behavior. Observe one in action, and you’ll not only feel a magnetic connection, but you’ll walk away knowing that you were in the presence of a rare individual who truly understands and appreciates what it means to be human.

As humans, our behavior is largely on autopilot; from the time we took our first step or uttered our first word, we’ve been hardwired to repeat what we know.  Research continues to prove that we spend nearly half our time doing what’s called ‘mind wandering,’ where we’re neither focused on the task at hand or the outside world, we’re simply wandering aimlessly.

Former Express Scripts Chief Scientist, Bob Nease suggests that while our brain has the capacity to process 10 million bits of information per second, consciously, we’re only able to process fifty of those bits; as such, we’re programmed for ‘inattention and inertia.’  In his latest book, The Power of Fifty Bits, he offers seven intriguing strategies that will help catalyze the good intentions that’s inside each of us.  As you listen to my conversation with him, pause to reflect on times when these strategies influenced your own behavior.

Here’s the framework of our conversation:

  • Why we opt for the status quo
  • The mindset of those who opt for the new, better and different
  • The seven strategies and how they connect
  • How to appreciate the past but not let it rule your future
  • The real power behind the opt-out strategy
  • How humor influences behavior
  • How the most admired leaders influence behavior