The Purpose Economy

Aaron Hurst

with Aaron Hurst

CEO of Imperative

The Purpose Economy

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Moe and Aaron discuss how your desire for impact, personal growth and community is changing the world.

The Purpose Economy

As someone who’s driven to contribute to the success and wellbeing of others; I find myself particularly attracted to those in alignment with my sense of purpose.  For years, I felt it my highest obligation to share when I learn, and to give when I receive – for that’s what I know for sure makes my life most meaningful.  A few weeks ago, while on a business trip in Salt Lake City, I met a new friend, Judy Robinett, who recommended that I speak to Aaron Hurst about his new book – The Purpose Economy:  How your Desire for Impact, Personal Growth and Community is Changing the World.  Sensing her conviction, I immediately downloaded it and haven’t stopped sharing it since.

There’s no shortage of talks, books and seminars that promise to deliver the ever elusive secret to the question ‘why are we here?’  Still, few ever share more than an antidote or false hope; yet Hurst ( @Aaron_Hurst) brings a blend of practically and experience that’s unparalleled.  As the founder of the Taproot Foundation, a $15 billion pro bono marketplace, Hurst reminded me early in our conversation that everything I do is driven by the desire to build meaningful relationships, do something far greater than myself, and to never stop growing.  Here’s why that gives you a glimpse of your own purpose —