The Question is The Billboard

Kapil Gupta

with Kapil Gupta

Personal Advisor to Pro Athletes, CEO's, Celebrities

The Question is The Billboard

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Kapil Gupta rejoins Moe Abdou to explore why the pursuit of world-class performance – in life or business – is a murky process and hardly ever linear.   

What you might see – if you’re willing to look ….

For those committed to the pursuit of excellence; you undoubtedly understand why the path to the top is always grueling and filled with uncertainty.  And, while every path is constructed differently, the obstacles are universally self-induced. 

From ancient Greece to modern Silicon Valley, the biggest barrier that gets in the way of continued success and relevance – in life or business – is hubris.  One’s inability or unwillingness to pause and examine every aspect of his/her life – or as Kapil would say, to look for and see the Truth.  

Few share his level of devotion, and that’s precisely why I have deep appreciation for the manner in which he embodies his own Truths.  Like always, this episode will touch on many topics; still you might want to pay particular attention to his insights on the following questions:

  • Why the sweet spot of any pursuit starts with an exploratory journey?
  • The manner in which world-class performers approach practice?
  • The real issue with following a method?
  • Why the nature of what one wants determines what she’s ready for?
  • What happens when you learn from ‘successful’ people?
  • Why looking for solutions is a waste of time?
  • What your questions say about you?
  • The one thing all human beings have in common.
  • The misconception of mediation?
  • What happens when you reframe leadership and/or the role of a leader?
  • The psychological impact of money?
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