The Secrets Leaders Keep

AmyK Hutchens

with AmyK Hutchens

Speaker, Trainer, Business Strategist

The Secrets Leaders Keep

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AmyK Hutchens visits 33voices Studios to discuss how to unlock the hidden secrets to winning big in business and life.

The Untold Secrets of the Leader Next To You

One of the great myths of leadership is the notion that leaders have all the answers.  Certainly, the overwhelming majority of those in the corner office are intellectually savvy and mentally resilient; still they’re human, and as such deal with the same fears and vulnerabilities that each of us do – the big difference, however, is that rare individual who has the foresight to see strength in his shortcomings.  

Earlier this week, I read a fascinating book by AmyK Hutchens that shone a different light on leadership.  Instead of profiling the patterns that distinguish those we most admire, she convinced them to share a deep secret about themselves that brings to light a side of them that most of us would never see.  The stories are real, and if you’re like the rest of us, you’ll see yourself in more of them than you care to believe.  I was thrilled that AmyK stopped by our studio today to dig deeper into her work.

Here are a few of the questions we explored:

  • How does hearing about the vulnerabilities of others impact each of us?

  • Is it a leadership truth or myth that leaders would rather be respected than liked?

  • What makes self-forgiveness so difficult for leaders?

  • Saying goodbye to your old identity – when and how do you do it?

  • The most important skill you need to deal with adversity

  • The destructive result of comparing your performance to others.

  • The most important lesson she learned about the art side of leadership and the science

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