The Single Biggest Barrier To Self-Improvement

Kapil Gupta

with Kapil Gupta

Personal Advisor to Pro Athletes, CEO's, Celebrities

The Single Biggest Barrier To Self-Improvement

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Moe & Kapil dig digger into the barriers of sustained excellence | Topics include Confidence, Arriving, Failure, Winning, Marketing, Selling, and Acceptance.  

Greatness Redefined

Few understand the essence of human achievement like Kapil Gupta – To him, each of us is born with the seeds of greatness; yet it’s a tiny minority who will ever experience that potential.  “The number one most critical element of greatness is to overcome the barrier of being conditioned by society…” he says – and while that makes so much sense to those of us who follow him; to divorce oneself from a lifetime of conditioned habits is no small feat.  

Rarely do I have a conversation with him where I don’t leave inspired to reexamine the very nature of how I think, work, and live – and this interview is no exception.  This segment extends our last discussion by digging deeper into the barriers to sustained excellence, and we begin with a critical insight about how one continually protects her confidence.  In addition, we’ll explore the following questions:  

  • Where confidence comes from and how to access it?
  • Why each of us gets what’s acceptable to us, and why we’re exempt from that which is not?
  • Why things always happen before then happen?
  • Why some of us feel we ‘belong’ while most don’t?
  • What it really means to give oneself’s permission to be great?
  • What does ‘arrival’ really mean?
  • The single greatest barrier to self-improvement?
  • What is the true essence of marketing?
  • What the most accomplished sales people never do?
  • Why understanding what not to do elevates your power? 
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