The Truth About Performance

Kapil Gupta

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The Truth About Performance

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Perpetual excellence is revered, yet few ever experience it.  In their continuing dialogue, Kapil Gupta and Moe Abdou explore the hidden dimensions of world-class performance.  

The Truth About Performance

Few understand the essence of perpetual excellence as Kapil Gupta.  If you know anything about him or have followed his work; you undoubtedly know that he’s as unconventional with his thinking as he is uncompromising with his beliefs.  To him, the Truth supersedes everything.  It’s the source by which all greatness emerges.  It’s the singular, most elusive characteristic that distinguishes high achievers – still, few ever experience it.  

In our latest episode, we’ll dive into the roadblocks and intangibles that are likely keeping you stuck – most importantly though, we’ll get clear on what you have to do to rid yourself of mental conditioning that’s ruining your life.  Listen for his thoughts on these topics:

  • Why greatness always starts with your approach?
  • Why progress starts with understanding?
  • What the most respected coaches never do?
  • The correlation between attachment and interference?
  • It’s never about the thing – why the problem is never really the problem?
  • Can you learn to deal with pressure?
  • When do you know you’re getting a glimpse of the Truth?
  • The difference between a prescriptive technique and the real Truth?
  • Why selling is never really about selling?
  • The big misconception about modern marketing?
  • What constitutes a great life?
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