The Making of Industry Transformers

Kapil Gupta

with Kapil Gupta

Personal Advisor to Pro Athletes, CEO's, Celebrities

The Making of Industry Transformers

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In the meme environment of modern business, Moe & Kapil discuss why the few who stand out continue to distance themselves.  

The Making of Industry Transformers

One of the great misconceptions about the work that Kapil Gupta does is the impact he has on business.  Certainly all organizations are a reflection of their people, and especially their leaders – still, there’s a rare DNA that just seems to distance the truly elite from the rest – what does that really look like and how can we access it within ourselves?  You’ll find out that and much more in this episode.  Here’s what to expect:

  • Why positive self-talk is salesman talk?
  • How negative motivation fuels high achievers?
  • The fear of freedom – why we all deal with it?
  • The questions that distinguish industry transformers?
  • How the world’s best define their position within their industry?
  • What your competition says about you?
  • Why the most admired leaders are independent thinkers?
  • Why so few have the courage to give themselves permission to be free?
  • The ultimate satisfaction of business.
  • Why what you chase truly runs away?
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