The Unrelenting Truth

Kapil Gupta

with Kapil Gupta

Personal Advisor to Pro Athletes, CEO's, Celebrities

The Unrelenting Truth

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Moe Abdou is joined by Kapil Gupta, MD to explore deeper why only a few can make greatness routine.

The Unrelenting Truth About Personal Freedom

The world we live in today is not short on self-help advice, gurus or life coaches who always seem to promise ‘transformation’ yet end up delivering an odd number – usually five or seven – of reframed tactics that leave you yearning for more.  A tiny minority will ever capture the slightest glimpse of any real ‘transformation’, because as a society, we’ve been programmed to believe that it’s ‘the journey, not the destination’ that really matters – or is it?

As a confidant and personal advisor to some of the world’s most influential leaders, entertainers and professional athletes – Kapil Gupta has learned one thing, and one thing only that distinguishes the super elite with whom he works – and it is their unrelenting pursuit of the Truth – their Truth.  At first glance, that may sound overly simplistic to you, or perhaps even elusive – still, if you’re like me, take five minutes to head over to his website and read one of his discourses or listen deeply to this interview – not only will you walk away convinced that he’s one of the most intelligent, inspiring and sincere performance advocates you’ve come across; more importantly, you might just get that nudge to dig a little deeper to discover your own version of the Truth.

This is one of those conversation that you’ll likely have to listen to a few times to capture its real essence; still here’s a sampling of what you’ll learn:

  • In every problem, situation or circumstance – there is always a truth – and, that Truth is never mechanical
  • Avoidance is a very comfortable way to live, yet very dangerous in the end
  • If you tell someone How to get somewhere, they will forever be stuck on the ‘How’, and never arrive there anyway
  • Teaching ‘How’ doesn’t create art, it creates dependency
  • The super elite are infinite learners, but not infinite disciples – they blaze their own trails
  • The only reason that you don’t have what you want is because you didn’t really want it –the only reason that you have the thing that you do is because you couldn’t live without it — and the only reason that you are where you are is because somewhere within, it is ok to be there
  • The person who’s sincere about becoming a master doesn’t prescribe to a never-ending pursuit – she wants an endpoint – she doesn’t want to keep chasing ghosts
  • Everyone wants something – The Want is never stated outright – the thing that is verbalized is the masquerade – the want has to be discovered, it never walks in the door
  • If you are really serious about the Truth – you will not find it difficult to throw every self-help book in the trash – because they speak prescriptions, bondage and an adherence to a group
  • Anything that involves a group is false.  All things arise in the individual, from the individual, and by way of the individual
  • All human beings seek engagement and immersion – they seek to be lost in what they do – its the one central human desire
  • All conflict is self-conflict – it’s mind made