Four Game-Changing Archetypes for Leaders

Carol Sanford

with Carol Sanford

CEO at The Responsible Entrepreneur Institute

Four Game-Changing Archetypes for Leaders

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Moe and Carol discuss making a difference in the way businesses affect the world through different methods of making that aspiration focused and doable.

The Power of 10x Thinking

Since his days at the University of Michigan, Google’s Larry Page has always had a ‘healthy disregard for the impossible.‘  Growing up, he aspired to be an inventor with the ambition to change the world; and in the 15 years since co-founding Google, few would question the impact of his vision.  “The more I learn about technology, the more I realize what I don’t know” he recently told Charlie Rose; and it’s that blend of humility and vigor that makes Page such a beacon of hope to society.

In her book, The Responsible EntrepreneurCarol Sanford identifies four unique entrepreneurial roles; and profiles Page as the highest expression of the Regenerative Entrepreneur.  As such, he’s eager to ‘break apart systems and structures that limit the full expression of potential.”  The way pages sees it, incremental change is why few companies will ever experience enduring success; “so a big part of my job is to get people focused on things that are revolutionary. Invention is never enough; only when you combine it with innovation and the opportunity to commercialize it, do you give people hope.”   Here’s the process Carol uses to inject Page’s 10x philosophy into Google’s innovation lab.