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Moe and Nan discuss how to create a culture within your business that will ignite passion, engagement and innovation.

Trust is Not Earned

Trust is like a muscle – it’s incredibly difficult to built, but very quick to fade away.  I know no other human trait that governs the way we work, live and play such as trust.  When you trust those you most love, your relationships endure.  When you trust those with whom you work, greatness appears in everything that you do.  Most importantly, when you trust yourself, you gain a sense of freedom that not only frees you from pain and worry; but one that always puts your best self on display.

Trust is never something that you fake, and always starts by telling the truth.  As someone who’s naturally trusting of others, I’ve become a keen observer of people’s behavior which continues to reinforce that trust is hardly ever spoken.  Nan Russell is a journalist who aspires to see in you what you don’t see in yourself, and in her book – Trust, Inc – she reminds you that trust is the gateway to deeper connections, new understand, personal growth and discovery, but you have to first give it.