Trust Your Life

Rachael Blumberg

with Rachael Blumberg

CEO and Founder of PlateFit

Trust Your Life

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PlateFit Founder Rachael Blumberg and Jenna explore the daily choice that leads to all confidence and contentment: Trusting life. Rachael shares perspectives and practices that help us build our spiritual muscle, from gratitude to meditation, and how adopting them can help us discover our inner compass.

Trust Your Life

What is the difference between a belief and a knowing? It’s the question I was most excited to ask PlateFit Founder Rachael Blumberg on our podcast.

“Trust is a spiritual muscle,” she said. “Just like you have to exercise to get stronger, it’s the same with spirituality. Over the last 16 years, I’ve developed the muscle. It went from being something outside of me to a belief and then a knowing that I am 100% taken care of.”

The reassurance of walking out the door each morning knowing that you are completely taken care of intrigued me. How might that confidence change the way we live? The choices we make? The way we treat each other? More importantly, how do we cultivate it?

“It is a choice,” Rachael added. “I get to choose to believe that I am supported in this lifetime or I can choose to feel alone. It’s your spiritual muscle…My life experience reassures me time and time again that I am supported.”

I was grateful to explore this journey to knowing with Rachael and for the practices she shared to help us make our own daily choice to trust life. Here’s a glimpse of what we discuss.

  • Daily habits and mantras that can help you cultivate your spiritual muscle
  • Relying on trust as your life compass, in good times and bad
  • Self-reflection rituals to center yourself and navigate challenges
  • The power of pausing and praying for guidance
  • Conscious manifestation and uncovering whether your desires are aligned with your intentions
  • Meditations that help us shift our mindset from self to service
  • Living in a state of gratitude and cultivating it within your family