How to Turn a Newsletter Into a $12 Million Business

Geoff Bartakovics

with Geoff Bartakovics

Co-founder and CEO at Tasting Table

How to Turn a Newsletter Into a $12 Million Business

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Chase and Jenna interview Geoff Bartakovics to find out how Tasting Table’s newsletter serves two million subscribers and generates 12 million dollars in revenue.

Delight Your Users

As a food enthusiast and amateur chef, the best part of my morning is Tasting Table’s daily email. Although it takes every ounce of self control to resist making Snickers ice cream and rosemary rib eyes at 8:30 a.m., I was genuinely curious why Tasting Table is the only personal email I read regardless of my schedule.

When I asked co-founder and CEO Geoff Bartakovics what drives the site’s readership his answer shocked me; Rather than focusing on crafting the perfect headline, Geoff equates Tasting Table to an online publication dedicated to producing exceptional content to a community of passionate users.

Thus the difference between Tasting Table’s marketing is simple – Forget traditional advertising and simply delight your users. The team’s commitment to serve readers tested recipes, new restaurants and of course the Lobster Rumble (Congrats to Cousins Maine Lobster on their Los Angeles win!) is not only fostering an active community of readers but building a multi million dollar brand.