Turning Your Workout Into a Charitable Donation

Gene Gurkoff

with Gene Gurkoff

Founder of CharityMiles

Turning Your Workout Into a Charitable Donation

Turning Your Workout Into a Charitable Donation 800 799 33Voices

Chase and Jenna chat with Gene Gurkoff of Charity Miles, a startup that helps you monetize every step you take for a good cause.


Written by Jenna Abdou

When I recognized the number of social campaigns cluttering Twitter and Facebook, I decided to stop asking founders “how they drive social engagement.” Only a few days after the testament, I couldn’t resist asking Charity Miles founder Gene Gurkoff  what was motivates so many individuals to #EveryMileMatters.

Gene shared that the engagement has less to do with his team and more to do with the fact that if you walk even 1/2 a mile a day with a cause in your heart you begin to see the world differently.

I put Gene’s fact to the test and Charity Miles has truly enhanced my life. My favorite hobby is hiking at Torrey Pines, and while I didn’t think the experience could bring me any more joy knowing that I am raising money for GirlUp or Pencils of Promise has given me an indescribable sense of pride. It’s a privilege to share a hobby so deep in my heart with someone in need and I commend the Charity Miles team for empowering each individual to make a difference.