Unleash Your Best Work Every Day

Todd Henry

with Todd Henry

Accidental Creative, founder

Unleash Your Best Work Every Day

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Moe Abdou and Todd Henry discuss Die Empty: Unleash Your Best Work Every Day.

The Accidental Creative

Cover Bands don’t change the world Originality rules!  When was the last time you bought a copycat product or stood in line to see a cover band?  Chances are, it’s not high on your to-do list and it’s certainly not on ‘The Accidental Creative’, Todd Henry’s radar.  His seven word bio brilliantly captures the essence of his work – “An arms dealer for the creative revolution.” People like Todd make the world a more interesting place because he’s all about creativity and innovation.  With music in his blood, Todd knows that trends disappears while authenticity creates revolutions. What I love about Todd’s message is the idea of ‘Being Sustainably Brilliant’ which challenges each of us to be ‘prolific, brilliant, and healthy.’  He points out that “when it comes to your effectiveness, fake work is often more dangerous than no work at all.” Listen to Todd and challenge your creativity….