Robert Tercek

with Robert Tercek

Digital Media Strategist


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Moe and Robert Tercek discuss an urgent manifesto to help you see the future of the information business and how to prepare for it.

The Future of Now

If you’re reading this, you’re undoubtedly part of the digital revolution that’s transforming how we communicate, learn, and shop.  None of us will argue that the future will be radically different than today, and increasingly, each of us will have to work even harder to define our role in it.  No company, no industry, and no continent is immune to software disruption; still, if media maven Robert Tercek’s thesis – that whatever solid thing can be turned into information will be – is correct,  what will that mean for your business?  

In his book, Vaporized:  Solid Strategies for Success In A Dematerialized World, Tercek takes you behind the scenes to demonstrate what happens when the biggest entertainment studios and media companies deliberately choose to ignore the digital shift, and instead do what they’ve always done.  What you’ll hear won’t surprise you as much as it will ignite a flame in you to rethink how you do what you do.  

Here are a few of our talking points:

  • What is Vaporization?

  • How everyone stands to benefit from the digital revolution

  • The vexing question that leaders need to get serious about

  • The real meaning behind the customer becoming the content creator

  • The future of business models in the digital space

  • Why it’s impossible to scale a digital business without a switchboard

  • What can we learn from the sharing economy?

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