Weekend Language

Dave Yewman

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Owner, DASH Consulting Inc

Weekend Language

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Moe and Dave discuss how to present with more stories and less PowerPoint

Why Weekend Language Trumps Business Talk

I’m often puzzled when I hear someone distinguish the act of delivering a presentation from mere communication.  It’s clear that the former requires thorough preparation, extended research, and deliberate practice while the latter is simply part of getting through life. As a society, we glorify great communicators because they move us emotionally, challenge us intellectually, and inspire us with fresh thinking.  While most tend to be exceptional storytellers, its often their courage to express their vulnerabilities that wins our hearts and captures our minds. 
Think for a moment and think about the last time you had to deliver an important presentation… did you use a powerpoint? If so, chances are, you didn’t captivate your audience. In their book, Weekend Language, Andy Craig and Dave Yewman help you shrink the gap between everyday communication and game day presentation.